Born in Middelburg and raised in Rotterdam, Franky Sticks grew up in a musical environment. His passion for music and art began when he started recording tapes from television and radio and painting graffiti with friends at an early age. Getting introduced to turntablism was the true kick-off to his music career, deconstructing battle sets and incorporating scratching into his deejay sets at the age of 17.

Over the years Franky has continued to refine his craft, honing his skills with intention and dedication. His eclectic personality is translated into colorful sets with music that spans across genres and time. As of recent, Franky has been dedicating his time to working on art projects and music, playing a high-energy mix of electronics ranging from UK garage, jungle, jersey club, footwork, house, breakbeats and internet edits.

As a visual artist, his style is marked by simple, strong flowing linework combined with a vivid color palette, capturing adventures and reflections on society. His pure aesthetic pop view is inspired by Rotterdam's diverse landscape, and Franky's art is a celebration of his surroundings. From murals to digital illustrations, paintings, rugs, and ceramics, his portfolio offers a timeless dialogue with the city’s spirit.


Selected clients:
Foot Locker, Mini Cooper, Duvel, NBA, New Balance, Secrid


Selected press:
Stedelijk Schiedam
Kunstuitleen Rotterdam